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Ride with the Leader in Radar Detectors

ESCORT™ has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry leading radar/laser detectors and premium automotive accessories right here in North America for over 30 years. Their goal is to exceed your expectation on every unit they offer. ESCORT™ has sold more than 10 million detectors and automotive products that help you Drive Smarter. Not only does Elite Audio sell this brand, but we all use it!
The Ultimate in Radar Detector Performance
ESCORT Radar Detectors Sales and Installation Spartanburg Greenville SC

Windshield and Dash Mount Radar Detectors

Drive Smarter

ESCORT™ is the recognized leader in radar detection and provides an extensive line of quality radar detectors to suit most any need or budget, including the Max 360, ESCORT IX, Redline, Passport Max2, Passport X70 and Solo S3 Cordless radar detector units. All ESCORT™ radar detectors include extreme range performance, fast response times, sleek design, radar/laser detection, and intelligent signal processing. Several units feature built-in Bluetooth technology and access to ESCORT's award-winning app, ESCORT Live. Elite Audio sells all of these plug & play detectors and can help you in choosing the right radar detector product for your car or motorcycle.
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Integrated ESCORT Radar Detector Systems Installation Greenville Spartanburg SC

Installed and Integrated Radar Detectors

Stealth Performance

Elite Audio can install an integrated ESCORT™ radar detection system in your vehicle to stealthily conceal your "secret ticket defense system" while providing you with reliable performance and integration with your car's factory electronic systems. ESCORT™ makes a number of quality installed radar detectors including the Laser ShifterPro, Passport 9500CI, and Passport 8500CI Plus units. These radar detectors provide the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience on the market today.
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