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Elite Audio understands that our customers demand the ultimate in car audio, video, security and electronic equipment for your ride. That's why we only work with the leaders in our industry to provide you with the very best equipment on the market today. Recognized brands such as Alpine, Arc Audio, AudioControl, Custom Autosound, JL Audio, JVC, Kenwood, Memphis Car Audio, Sony Mobile, and Stinger. Our expertise includes sales, installation and service for all of these brands, and our technicians remain at the forefront of the industry with constant technical training, certification and communication with brand representatives who provide us with the knowledge and resources direct from the manufacturers.
Award-winning audio engineering
Car Audio and Navigation Greenville Spartanburg SC

Car Audio + Navigation

The leading brands installed by the leading experts

Choose from our full selection of CD, DVD, digital media, and navigation receivers. Today's in-dash car stereos offer powerful built-in amplifiers, extensive audio controls, and connection options for MP3 players, smartphones and other gear.

Control your mobile audio/video system with an in-dash DVD receiver. You'll find plenty of connections for video sources, amplifiers, and more. Most receivers also feature built-in screens.

Let your car stereo guide you to your destination. Most in-dash GPS navigation systems offer touchscreen controls, large easy-to-see displays, and turn-by-turn voice guidance along with other options like Bluetooth and iPod controls.
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Satellite Radio Greenville Spartanburg SC

Satellite Radio

Explore new heights of music and entertainment

Satellite Radio is like nothing you've ever heard before. Imagine just about every kind of music – commercial-free. Plus, sports, news, comedy, talk and entertainment. Now imagine it all in one place. Welcome to the world of SiriusXM. There are several different options for Satellite Radio, be sure to give us a call to see what's best for your vehicle.
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Car Amplifiers Greenville Spartanburg SC


Take your audio experience to a new level

Other than your head unit this is where it starts. Just by adding a true hundred-watt amplifier to your cars factory sound system can make all the difference in the world. We can add to your existing car stereo system with out affecting your factory stereo's look. So you just bought a new car and love it but the stereo just doesn't get loud enough for you? This is where adding an amplifier will make the difference. Depending on your needs Elite Audio has an amplifier that will do the job.
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Car Speakers Greenville Spartanburg SC


Elite Audio delivers a concert in your car

At Elite Audio, we sell and install only the finest brands in mobile sound technology on the market today. For most any budget or vehicle, we can provide a solution that gets the job done. Whether just replacing your factory speakers or completely redesigning your speaker location, there are no limits to your imagination or our capabilities.

Audiophile Speakers
Elite Audio wants to capture the experience of a live musical performance in your car - as if your favorite band was right in front of you. Having the ultimate speaker set up you may never want to get out of your car!

Component Speakers
Component systems use separate woofers, tweeters, and crossovers to deliver superior performance. When having separate tweeters you may experience the sound fuller and wider than a conventional coax speaker.

Coax Speakers
Coax Speakers are the most cost effective way to upgrade you factory speakers. Having a tweeter with the midrange together will give you that extra high frequency sound that you never had with the factory speakers. Replacement consist of 2 3/4", 3.5", 4", 4"x6", 5 ¼", 6", 6.5", 5″x7″/6″x8″, 4"x10", 6"x9" speakers fit into a large variety of cars, vans, and trucks, we have what you need to improved your factory sound system.

Tweeters are small high-frequency speakers that improve your system's clarity and help with sound reinforcement. They may be placed higher on the door or A-pillar to create a wider soundstage. Most tweeters come with Flush, Angle and Surface mounts for any application.
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Car Subwoofers and Boxes Greenville Spartanburg SC

Subwoofers + Boxes

Elite Audio knows how to bring the boom!

We have decades of experience building award-winning custom sound boxes and installs in most every type of vehicle. We carry an extensive selection of the leading brands of subwoofers available in most any size or configuration. Elite Audio has an in-house fabrication shop that can custom build most any subwoofer or speaker enclosure, with an eye for detail that ensures every job is executed to perfection. Every subwoofer installation is designed to perform as good as it looks, whether you choose a hidden enclosure or a full display, show-quality custom job that will let everyone know you have arrived.
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Car Bluetooth Integration Greenville Spartanburg SC


Stay focused. Stay connected.

More than 73% of drivers use cell phones while driving and that might prevent them from focusing on the road which might lead to serious problems. Bluetooth technology is considered to be the best solution to comply with the law and keep you focused on the road. Contact Elite Audio today to find out what it takes to add hands-free talking and wireless music streaming to your car stereo.
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OEM Integration Greenville Spartanburg SC

OEM Integration

Get Better Sound From Your OEM Stereo System

Today's factory radios are loaded with convenience features. Steering wheel controls, cell phone interfaces, and in-dash navigation make driving more enjoyable.

However, these features prevent the replacement of stereo head units with those that are aftermarket ready, limiting your ability to upgrade and often forcing you to sacrifice convenience for great sound.

Luckily, AudioControl processors are designed for OEM integration. Speaker level inputs and line output converters allow you to add aftermarket amplifiers and processors to improve performance without giving up the convenience or look of your factory radio.
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OEM Multimedia Greenville Spartanburg SC

OEM Multimedia

Seamless integration of mobile electronic systems

Consumer demand is crystal clear. Car owners want connectivity. They've invested millions in personal media devices and other electronic technologies and gadgetry, and they want it all to connect without care or hassle when traveling in their cars. Elite makes this possibility a reality by faithfully offering advanced connectivity into every product in this line, making connecting, uploading and downloading information and media a cinch.

From ports to cables to software to gateways, consider the countless connectivity options represented here alone. Consumers not only want their once disparate devices to connect together quickly and easily, they also want these multiple merged technologies to operate with ease. And that includes safety and security products to integrate with multimedia. You want simple, straightforward command displays that you can navigate through without thinking via touch screen convenience or hands-free voice-activated command, complete with clear, attractive graphics that are legible in any light. Elite Audio is your best source for your OEM Multimedia Solution.
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Car Equalizers and Processors Greenville Spartanburg SC

Processors + Equalizers

Unequalled sound quality is what drives us

Elite Audio offers the most advance solutions of tuning your car with the best on the market. These products allows you to personalize the musical experience back into your hands with state of the art DSP's and Equalizers we are able to give you the best solution for any of your tuning needs.
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