Radar Detectors

Escort Inc. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry leading radar/laser detectors and premium automotive accessories right here in North America for over 30 years. There goal is to exceed your expectation on every unit they offer. Escort has sold more than 10 million detectors and automotive products that help you Drive Smarter. Not only does Elite Audio sell this brand but we all use it!

Windshield Mounted Detectors



RedLine provides the longest range for every signal out there. It’s also completely undetectable and wrapped in a magnesium case for durability.



Passport 9500ix

ESCORT Passport 9500ix GPS Enabled Radar Detector. Our most advanced radar and laser detector. Features GPS technology and pre-loaded database of known red light and speed camera location.



Passport 8500 X50

The new PASSPORT 8500 X50, or as we like to call it the “X50 Black”, delivers a vicious 40% performance improvement. It has a sophisticated new look and includes a fitted travel case and convenient SmartCord.



Installed Detectors


Passport 9500ci

The PASSPORT 9500ci is the ultimate custom-installed radar and laser defense system. With blistering all-band radar protection and precise laser “shifting” technology, speeding tickets can be a thing of the past. ESCORT continues to lead the industry by incorporating its patented GPS technology that automatically identifies the source and location of all radar signals. Real threats are processed in less than a second, while false signals are learned and eliminated. Now all you have to do is drive!


Passport 8500ci Plus

The all-new PASSPORT 8500ci Plus incorporates the performance of the industry’s best windshield model, the PASSPORT 8500 X50, into a total built-in discreet defense system. It comes pre-loaded with thousands of red light and fixed position camera locations throughout North America. The waterproof Radar/Laser sensor is mounted in the front grill, while the miniature display controller mounts easily in the vehicle’s interior. The result is no visible cords and no unwanted attention.